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Absorption Field aka Leech Bed, Drain Field, etc... - Area where the effluent is introduced.

At-Grade System - System where the existing ground is marginally capable of treating and dispersal of the effluent. Aggregate (crushed stone) with dispersal pipe is placed over tilled top soil. At completion, the system resembles a small Mound System.

Conventional System - System where the existing ground is capable of treating and dispersal of the effluent.

Effluent Filter - Filter that filters out particles that are larger than 1/8 of an inch in size.

Mound System - System where the existing ground is NOT capable of treating and dispersal of the effluent. A suitable fill material (sand) is used to create a vertical seperation of three feet from the effluent dispersal to the recorded seasonally high groundwater mark.

POWTS - Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System

Pump Chamber - Septic tank that contains a pump. Effluent is typically pumped to another tank, distribution box, or an absorption field.

Septic Tank - Storage facility for sewage. Bacterial breakdown of the sewage happens here.

Settling Tank aka Septic Tank - Tank where heavier particles (solids) within the sewage sink to the bottom while the liquid moves through the system.

Sewage - Wastewater from the house. Contains fecal coliform bacteria exceeding 200 CFU per 100 ml.

Sewer - Means of transporting sewage from the house to the septic tank

Water Table aka Goundwater - level at which the ground water pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure.

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